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With globalization connecting continents to become one global village, Chinese is fast emerging as the second "lingua franca" together with English as a business language. Being effective and fluent in Chinese allows companies to open up an enormous market, close to one-fifth of the world's population.


Thus, you too can stand to gain like our corporate clients through utilizing us as a translation company that will enhance your corporate image and communicate with the massive Chinese market in their native language.


If being effectively bilingual is part your corporate communication strategy, Elite as a translation company is more than capable to be your one-stop bilingual communication partner.


Our Divisions includes:


Translation Division:

English, Chinese and other two way translation of major Asian languages.


Transcription Division:

Transcription of all types of media formats majoring in English, Chinese and Asian languages.


Interpretation Division:

Court Interpretations, Business Two Way Interpretations and Diplomatic Mission Interpretations.


Website Localization Division:

Extending your business’ reach beyond your local market and into the international market is vital for your business growth. By simply localizing your English, western-oriented corporate website to reach out to a foreign audience, you can effectively pull the heartstrings of natives and experience maximized profits.....


Certified Translation Services Division:

Whether you are applying for your permanent residency, seeking employment or enrolling in a school in Singapore, Elite can translate and certifies document that needs to be presented to official authorities (e.g. MOM, ICA, IRAS & LTA) for legal purposes. .......

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