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A biology graduate from National Taiwan Normal University, Carol immediately started her profession as a full-time translator in 2001 upon arriving at the island-state Singapore. Initially from Sabah Malaysia, Carol has never looked back on her career choice and has since accumulated a wealth of experience as a Director of Translations at a translation agency. However, with an increasing passion in the Chinese culture, Chinese literature and Chinese/English translation work, Carol stepped out with faith in 2005 knowing her ambitions could only be fulfilled via an entrepreneurial route.


In June 2006, Carol founded Elite Bilingual Services with a mission to provide quality English-Mandarin translation services to an impressive stable of clients from the advertising, legal and finance industries. Gradually, upon requests and support from long-term clients, the language pairs that the company now offers have expanded to over 20 languages. In the second year, Carol started to carefully build of language talents with the same passion for language but from different cultural backgrounds. This in turn became the key success factor for Elite to establish itself as a reputable language service company that delivers the quality it has promised its clients.


As a mother of two lovely kids, Carol believes a balanced life can be achieved with focus and dogged determination. She strongly believes that it is never about sacrificing one for another, but a deliberate mature response that desires nothing less than excellence on what she commits and focuses on doing.


Words from Carol


“Being an entrepreneur was never my childhood dream. However, from the years of struggle in the beginning stage, to the testing of management and leadership skills as the team grew, as well as the continuous shaping and changing of mindset to become a wise leader, I realize that the experience and the wisdom gained is indeed the best return from this painstaking process. If we can only have one life, then push yourself to the limit and use all your courage. Never be fearful about what you can or cannot do."


For more information on how our service can benefit your business, do drop us a note via our web form or call us at our office at +612 8007 5556 today.

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