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Ten Great Reasons Why Businesses Use Our Translation Services


Reasons to Translate Malaysia


Reason #1: We ARE the most cost-effective!

Reasons to Translate Malaysia

Our prices range from as low as RM0.25 to RM0.50. Let us know what is the best quote you received from our competitors and we will attempt to match or better it!
Though working within your cost, we will not compromise on the quality of your projects. We give you the peace of mind that the value you are paying for is of the highest standards.


Reason #2 : We WILL NOT "Nickel & Dime" your project.


Reasons to Translate Malaysia

Unlike agencies that give you percentage loadings for soft copies, rush rates and weekend rates, Elite rates are clearly itemised. What you see on your official quotation is what you get. There are no undeclared surcharges or 'extras' that you will not know of before the commencement of any projects you may have with us.
We stand confident and ready to clear all your queries and doubts you may have on what you are paying for.



Reason #3 : We OFFER translations @ great discount prices!


Reasons to Translate Malaysia

Let us clearly spell out the conditions for discounts ranging from 5% to 25% for you! They are:

Volume Discount! - The bigger your project, the bigger the discount!
Turnaround Discount! - Give us more time to work on your project & you get more discounts!
Content Discount! - If your project is as simple as ABC, we'll only charge as much as it would cost a kindergartener to do it! (Just kidding, we don't use child labour.)



Reason #4 : We DON'T charge you for the unlimited revisions that we will provide.


Reasons to Translate Malaysia

Not satisfied with the style of the translations? Tell us what you want to change and we'll do it! There is no revisions limit imposed on your translated document done by us.

As long as there are no changes to the original document you submitted to us for translation, we will proactively work on any revisions you require for FREE!



Reason #5 : We ASSIGN you a dedicated Project Manager


Reasons to Translate Malaysia

Unlike other translation agencies that may have their project managers multi-tasking as sales executives cum translators cum editors cum administrators and etc, our project managers do not do anything else except to manage your projects.




Reason #6 : We DON'T use inexperienced or doubtful linguists.


Reasons to Translate Malaysia

From retail to legal, our experiences in the many industries mean that we are sure to have the specialists you need that understand the unique translation needs of your projects.


Many translation agencies do not offer you any guarantees about the qualifications or experience of the translators they use. This could be because they do not want you to know that a translator may be very inexperienced, or may not have any qualifications.


At Elite you are more than welcome to ask us to supply proof of professional translation qualifications, if this is one of your requirements, before they commence work.




Reason #7 : We STRETCH to work according to your deadlines.


Reasons to Translate Malaysia Reasons to Translate Malaysia

We don't take our own sweet time to deliver your projects. We will stretch all our available resources to the fullest extend possible, be on time and yet still be adamant in not compromising the quality we promised.


At times, you will be surprised that we dare to say 'No' to you and reject your projects when we are sure your deadline will compromise the project quality.




Reason #8 : We PROVIDE much needed advice and expertise.


Reasons to Translate Malaysia

While most translation agencies will translate how you want it to be translated, Elite goes the extra mile in advising your project on the lingo to use and the cultural sensitivities involved when translating to the target language.


By not merely translating, Elite's translators are able to understand our clients' audience through in-depth research and assist in crafting that perfect copy through employing copywriting translation techniques.




Reason #9 : We GUARANTEE quality.


Reasons to Translate Malaysia

All translations include proofreading by a second native translator. This is an additional quality process we will not compromise and it is at no additional cost to your project.


Pre-translation research to compile special terminologies are also carried out when necessary.




Reason #10 : Last but not least, we are DRIVEN!


Reasons to Translate Malaysia

Our passion and vision to be the best in the industry drives us to continually better ourselves and deliver on-time premium language services.


Every individual in our organization has to see themselves as a communication bridge. They must excel in using their unique skills and contribute actively to global community.




Contact any of our colleagues via our web form and ask for an obligation-free quotation here.

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